War on Syria: Media Resistance - Unifying efforts against terrorism

Forum of Media of Resistance in Face of War on Syria calls for unifying efforts against terrorism

Damascus, Dec 29, 2013 (SANA) - Forum of Media of Resistance in the Face of War on Syria called for unifying efforts in the face of the takfiri and international terrorism against the Resistance's forces in the Middle East region.

In its communique on Sunday, the forum also called for establishing a unified media front in the face of terrorism.

The communique said that the Zionist scheme, which is the main threat to the Arab and Islamic nations, lacks strength factors to sustain or expand without the cowardice of some governments.

The participants of the forum said that the Zionist project has hidden allies among the Arab and Islamic nations, adding that the takfiri terrorist project is the same as the Zionist one.

They considered that the current war, which is waged against all humanity and aims at distorting the true image of Islam, targets the strength elements of the Arab nation, particularly in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon.

They called for condemning all sorts of organized terrorism perpetrated by the armed terrorist groups against civilians all across the Arab and Islamic region.

They noted that the telecommunication revolution has changed the views to wars and is now able to convert victories to defeats and vice versa through marketing and handling facts and ideas.

On the international conference on Syria "Geneva 2", the communique considered the conference as a result of the steadfastness of the Syrian people, army and leadership, adding that the conference is an appropriate opportunity to convey the reality of the victories of the Syrian army and to reveal the fakeness of the illusionary victories alleged to be achieved by the terrorist groups.

M. Nassr