Syria condemns terrorist acts hitting Russian city


Syria condemns terrorist acts hitting Russian city, expresses concern over the spread of terrorism internationally

Damascus, Dec 30, 2013 (SANA) – Syria on Monday vehemently condemned the two terrorist acts which hit Volgograd city, southern Russia.

An official source at Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said in a statement to SANA that Syria strongly condemns the two terrorist blasts rocking the Volgograd city, southern Russia, yesterday and today.

"Syria offers condolences to the friendly people and leadership of Russia for the causalities who were either killed or injured due to the blasts, expressing solidarity with and condolences to the families of the victims," the statement added.

The official source continued to say "Syria also expresses deep concern over the spread of terrorism internationally and the brutal crimes it causes to innocent citizens", urging the international community to combat this phenomenon, which has started to expand.

The source called upon countries supporting terrorism to comply with the international resolutions and provisions of the international law, and to stop supporting this phenomenon.

Two terrorist blasts targeted a railway station and a bus within two days in the aforementioned city, claiming the lives of tens and injuring many others.

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Photo: Boston terrorist attack


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Syria: western backed terror attacks

November 26, 2013

Damascus, (SANA) - Minister of Health Saad al-Nayef said Tuesday terrorists committed a massacre in which they killed 5 doctors, 4 nurses and two ambulance drivers in Deir Attiyeh in Damascus Countryside.

The Cabinet denounced the terrorist massacre against 5 doctors, 4 nurses and 2 drivers in Deir Attia in Damascus countryside.

During its weekly session, the Cabinet stressed that these brutal acts will not prevent the Syrian people from continuing work, rather they will only increase their determination to pursue the armed terrorist groups and restore security and stability to all Syrian territories.

The Health Ministry said in a press release that terrorists stormed Deir Attia Hospital which offers medical services to the people of al-Qalamoun district and they committed a massacre against 11 medical staff.

The Ministry condemned the brutal massacre which is unprecedented in human history, reiterating the call on the UN organizations to pay attention to the gross terrorist acts committed by the armed terrorist groups in Syria.

14 citizens killed in a car bomb blast in al-Soumariyeh, Damascus Countryside

Eleven citizens were killed and others were injured by terrorists’ car bomb in front of the bus station in al-Soumariyeh city in Damascus Countryside.


Everyone wants to be a 'hero': Belgian salafists in Syria

November 14, 2013 - 14:56

Jejoen Bontinck remains in cell

After a conversation of half an hour, the Belgian Youth Court decided today to release a seventeen year old Antwerp Syria fighter who last week returned to Belgium.  He fought three months actively on the side of Isis, the most violent terrorist movement in Syria, which also sent threatening emails to Belgium.

But fortunately not everyone is immediately released again.

During a closed session this afternoon, the Court decided that the Syrian fighter Jejoen Bontinck stays in prison. Lawyer Kris Luyckx don't wish to comment on the news.

Jejoen Bontinck was detained after his voluntary return from Syria to Belgium.  On the day of his return, he was arrested at his mother's home.

The Belgian salafists are lucky that they can come back home while the Syrian population is victim of the ongoing fighting in Syria.

Source: http://www.vandaag.be/binnenland/140125_jejoen-bontinck-b...


28 September, 2013 

Leader of Belgian radical Salafist organization killed in Syria

The leader of Sharia4Belgium radical Salafist organization has been killed in Syria.

Ahmed Dijah fought alongside the anti-government extremist groups. He was the tenth Belgian killed in Syria. His death was documentarily confirmed.

Read more at: http://indian.ruvr.ru/news/2013_09_28/Leader-of-Belgian-radical-Salafist-organization-killed-in-Syria-6000


Aug 7, 2013 – EU: ‘Salafi Fighters in Syria Not Allowed to Return to Homelands in Europe’


Latest News Syria: terrorist acts against schools and holy places

Syrian government condemns terrorist acts against schools and holy places

Nov 12, 2013

Damascus, (SANA)-The Syrian government on Tuesday condemned the coward, brutal terrorist acts which targeted the schools in al-Qasaa, Bab Sharqi and other holy places in addition to the assassination of Parliament member Mejhim al-Saho.

"Those heinous acts are not strange of the mentality and culture of the armed takfiri terrorist groups who kill childhood and fight science and knowledge in a bid to consolidate illiteracy and violence among the Syrian people," the Cabinet said during a weekly session headed by Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi.


Al-Halqi discussed with the Ministers the economic situation in the country, affirming that the price of the Syrian pound against foreign currency is stable, calling for opening new marketing points and taking new procedures to decrease the prices of basic food materials.

He reaffirmed that there are big quantities of oil products that boost the strategic reserve and cover the need of citizens during winter, pointing out to the rich stockpiles of wheat.

Al-Halqi referred to the efforts exerted to restore electricity to Aleppo and countryside after the terrorists targeted the power generating stations, saying that electricity is gradually returning to the city.

Prime Minister said that the national vaccination campaign will include 1.300 million child under 5-year, stressing that polio has vanished completely since 1999, but with the coming of the armed terrorist groups from 83 state, 13 cases occurred in Dir Ezzor infected by those terrorists.


Bomb badly damages Sweden consulate in Benghazi

Security officials inspect damage in the Swedish consulate after a car bomb exploded at its entrance, in Benghazi October 11, 2013. A car bomb exploded outside the Swedish consulate in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi on Friday, damaging the building's front and nearby houses, but no casualties were immediately reported, a Reuters witness said. REUTERS/Esam Omran Al-Fetori (LIBYA - Tags: POLITICS CIVIL UNREST)

As a reminder:


Bomb badly damages Sweden consulate in Benghazi

A bomb has exploded near the Swedish consulate in Benghazi, Libya. Initial reports indicated that the building sustained heavy damages, but that no one had been hurt in the blast.

No one was injured in the attack, according to initial reports. However, the explosion left the building heavily damaged.

Libyan officials have struggled to maintain peace in the country since the 2011 civil war.

The bombing came a day after gunmen released Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zidan from captivity. The abduction appeared to be in retaliation for the Libyan government's alleged involvement in the US capture of a suspected al-Qaeda militant over the weekend.

The attack also came in the wake of an assault on Russia's embassy in Tripoli by an armed group less than two weeks ago.

On September 11, militants linked to al-Qaeda affiliates attacked the US consulate in Benghazi, killing the US ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans.



November 2, 2012 - Benghazi consulate that came under attack by Al Qaeda militants was being used for CIA operations

'The American team in Tripoli was said to be working primarily with the newly formed Libyan intelligence agency under former US citizen Salem al-Hasi – a political dissident who for decades lived in the Atlanta area and taught Arabic to US soldiers'


Latest News Syria: Geneva 2

Syrian.terrorists.Selim Idriss.verhofstadt.jpg
Photo: European Parliament, Brussels - Guy Verhofstadt pleading for weapons deliveries to the so called opposition groups (Al Quaeda, Top commander of foreign-backed militants in Syria Brigadier General Idris). Belgian former Prime Minister Verhofstadt who is leader of the group of liberals within the European Parliament and still pleads for military intervention in Syria. has good relations wiith the Belgian and European weapons industry.  It is this kind of politicians which are reponsible for the terrorist attacks in Syria.


November 3, 2013

Damascus, (SANA) - A mortar shell fired by terrorists landed in a textile factory near Mar Elias church at the entrance of al-Dweil'a neighborhood in Damascus on Sunday, causing huge fire in the factory, but no one was hurt.

A source at the Police Command told SANA that the factory was completely burned down and the fire spread to a number of shops and a workshop for assembling cars.


The source added that firefighters managed to extinguish the fire, pointing out that the fire caused large material damage to the shops in the site with no human casualties.

The source added that firefighters managed to extinguish the fire, pointing out that the fire caused large material damage to the shops in the site with no human casualties.




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Is Israel responsible for terrorist attacks in Syria ?

Syria.terror.attack.Feb 21, 2013.3.jpg

May 21, 2013

A Syrian terrorist seriously injured in fighting across the border was treated in the Ziv hospital in northern Israel. Israel Radio said the man had been brought initially to an IDF field hospital by Israeli soldiers. It did not explain how Israeli forces reached the injured man.

Photo: February 21, 2013 - terrorist attack in Syria