Jimmie Nicol: forgotten replacement Beatle

Music.beatles.Jimmy Nicol.jpg

In the morning  of 3 June 1964, Ringo Starr collapsed with tonsillitis and pharyngitis during a photo session for the Saturday Evening Post newspaper in Barnes, north London.

He was taken to University College Hospital where he was ordered to rest completely. Unfortunately for him, The Beatles were due to begin their world tour in Denmark the following day, and it was too late to cancel.

George Martin suggested they draft in session musician Jimmie Nicol as a temporary replacement.

After returning from his whirlwind two weeks with the most famous rock band in the world, Nicol tried to capitalize on his shining moment in the celebrity sun. He got a record deal, formed a band with the unfortunate name of The Shubdubs, and bought a new Jaguar sports car he couldn't afford.

Within the year he was broke, unemployed, divorced and living with his mom. This would begin a pattern of extreme ups and downs that would repeat throughout his life.