Child abuse: Stefaan De Clerck

Stefaan De Clerck wordt voorzitter bij Belgacom

The former Minister of Belgian Justice who was also covering up the Zandvoort childporn case, is the new President of Belgacom, the largest telecommunications company in Belgium, headquartered in Brussels...


Stefaan De Clerck, is the new President of Belgacom
September 1, 2013
Former CD & V (christian democrats) chairman Stefaan De Clerck, is the new President of Belgacom. That was at least informally told by the federal majority parties. "At a formal decision is still waiting, but I assume that it will follow," he told Belga.

De Clerck, in his own words, wants to be Belgacom President "with a lot of fun, even with much enthusiasm and ambition". He has no doubt that he has the necessary skills and experience. "Chairman of the Board of Directors is a policy feature that is not yet the same as an operational function. And if they find that Frank Van Massenhove is able to lead the SNCB, I am able to lead Belgacom," he jokes.


Belgacom - Board of directors

  • Didier Bellens (1) - President and CEO
  • Stefaan De Clerck (1)-  Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • Guido J.M. Demuynck (2) - Director
  • Jozef Cornu (2) - Director
  • Pierre-Alain De Smedt (2) - Director
  • Carine Doutrelepont (2) - Director
  • Martine Durez (1) - Director
  • Theo Dilissen(1) -Director
  • Pierre Demuelenaere (2) - Director
  • Laurent Levaux (1) -  Director
  • Isabelle Santens (1) - Director
  • Oren G. Shaffer (2) - Director
  • Lutgart Van den Berghe (2) - Director
  • Paul Van de Perre (1) - Director

(1) appointed by the Belgian State

(2) independent



In the name of Allah


Qatar has the largest American Base outside the US.  The american aircraft bombs Afghanistan everyday.  'in the name of Allah'...


American propaganda


American propaganda poster noting the typical look of a friendly British soldier, 10 Aug 1942.   Note Boys anti-tank rifle.

Nazi propaganda


Zionist propaganda


WWII Hungary” Come young pioneers to the promised land.” It is one of the earliest Zionist Posters advocating for young Jews to travel to Israel and help cultivate the land.

See more at: http://muzzlewatch.com/2013/10/14/long-island-university-puts-kibosh-on-academic-freedom/


Latest News Syria: "democratization" of Iraq


As a reminder:

'The Bush administration then turned its attention to Iraq, and argued the need to remove Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq had become urgent. Among the stated reasons were that Saddam's regime had tried to acquire nuclear material and had not properly accounted for biological and chemical material it was known to have previously possessed, and believed to still maintain. Both the possession of these weapons of mass destruction (WMD), and the failure to account for them, would violate the U.N. sanctions. The assertion about WMD was hotly advanced by the Bush administration from the beginning, but other major powers including China, France, Germany, and Russia remained unconvinced that Iraq was a threat and refused to allow passage of a UN Security Council resolution to authorize the use of force.  Iraq permitted UN weapon inspectors in November 2002, who were continuing their work to assess the WMD claim when the Bush administration decided to proceed with war without UN authorization and told the inspectors to leave the country.  The United States invaded Iraq on March 20, 2003, along with a "coalition of the willing" that consisted of additional troops from the United Kingdom, and to a lesser extent, from Australia and Poland. Within about three weeks, the invasion caused the collapse of both the Iraqi government and its armed forces, however, the U.S. and allied forces failed to find any weapon of mass destruction in Iraq. Traces of former materials and weapons labs were reported to have been located, but no "smoking guns". Nevertheless, on May 1, George W. Bush landed on the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln, in a Lockheed S-3 Viking, where he gave a speech announcing the end of "major combat operations" in the Iraq war. Bush's approval rating in May was at 66%, according to a CNN-USA Today-Gallup poll.  However, Bush's high approval ratings did not last. First, while the war itself was popular in the U.S., the reconstruction and attempted "democratization" of Iraq lost some support as months passed and casualty figures increased, with no decrease in violence nor progress toward stability or reconstruction. Second, as investigators combed through the country, they failed to find the predicted WMD stockpiles, which led to debate over the rationale for the war.'


Latest News Syria: Army continues pursuing terrorists

Oct 13, 2013 - Provinces, (SANA)

The Syrian army on Sunday continued operations of pursuing the remnants of the armed terrorist groups in a number of cities, killing scores, injuring many others and destroying their criminal tools.

Army units  eliminate terrorists in Idleb

Units of the armed forces carried out operations against terrorists' dens and gatherings in Idleb countryside, inflicting heavy losses upon them.

An official source told SANA that the army units killed and injured many terrorists to the south of Om Jren town in Idleb countryside.

The source added that an army unit targeted a terrorists' gatherings in al-Za'laneh village in Maaret al-Nouman countryside, killing  all terrorists inside it, in addition to destroying their weapons and equipment.

Terrorists including non-Syrians eliminated in Damascus countryside

In Damascus countryside, a military source told SANA reporter that the army units targeted terrorists' gatherings in al-Saqi area in an-Nabek, al-Nasiriyah , Yabrood, western Jroud of Maloula , eastern Jairoud.

The source added that terrorist Nazeeh Ayman al-Houz , the responsible for a number of terrorist bombings took place in an-Nabek was killed.

A large number of terrorists were killed, most of them are non-Syrians, as their vehicles and equipment were destroyed.

Meanwhile, other army units destroyed terrorists' dens  and gatherings in Adra and al-Nabik cities and to the east of Deir Atyyeh, killing and injuring many terrorists, in addition to destroying their weapons and equipment.

Army units destroy terrorists' tunnel, kill many of them in Deir Ezzor

Units  of the armed forces destroyed a terrorists' tunnel used to transport weapons and ammunition  and a warehouse full of weapons, in addition to killing and injuring several terrorists in Deir Ezzor and its countryside.

An official source told SANA that the army units destroyed a terrorists' tunnel used for transporting  weapons and ammunition, killing all terrorists inside it in al-Arfi neighborhood, in addition to destroying a warehouse full of weapons and ammunition.

Another army unit clashed with an armed terrorist group in al-Haweiqa neighborhood, killing and injuring many terrorists.

The source added that another army unit destroyed two terrorists' dens of the so-called "Om al-Qura Brigade" and "Faisal al-Aqaidi Brigade" in al-Jbayleh neighborhood, killing many of them.

 Wa'ad al-Khalaf, Mohammad al-Jasim and Qutaiba Abdulrahman were identified among the dead terrorists.

The source pointed out that the army units targeted a terrorists' gatherings in Hatla Fuqani village in the countryside, killing 20 terrorists and destroying a number of their vehicles.

Other army units inflicted heavy losses upon terrorists in al-Rashdiyeh, al-Sinaa, al-Sheikh Yasin, al-Ordi and the area surrounding al-Bassel Square in the city.

Rocket launch pads, many vehicles destroyed in Aleppo countryside

Army units destroyed rocket launch pads and a number of vehicles loaded with weapons and ammunition and killed a number of terrorists in a series of operations carried out in Aleppo countryside.

A military source told SANA reporter that the operations resulted in destroying rocket launch pads in Kwairis in the eastern countryside of Aleppo and a number of cars north of Neirab, an-Nakarin, north of Rasm al-Aboud, on al-Kastello road in the western countryside of Aleppo.

All weapons and ammunition inside the cars were destroyed and terrorists were killed.

Rocket launcher, two tunnels destroyed, Israeli-made weapons seized in Homs 

 Army units destroyed a rocket launcher and found a variety of weapons , including automatic rifles, snipers, ammunition, some are Israeli-made, and eliminated a number of terrorists in Homs and its countryside.

A military source said the army units destroyed two tunnels were used by terrorists in their movements in Bab al-Sebaa, eliminated a number of terrorists and wounded others in al-Hamidieh district and al-Jaje market and toward the city center in Jouret al-Shiyah.

The source added that the army units destroyed terrorists' dens southeast building of the civil affairs department and near al-Tahyyah mosque in the golden street in Bab Hood, killing a number of terrorists and wounding others.

In Homs countryside, a number of terrorists were killed and wounded in the village of al-Khalidiya and near electricity station in al-Dar al-Kabira as varied weapons and ammunition, some are Israeli-made, were found including automatic rifles and snipers in the Western district.

Most members of an armed terrorist group were eliminated in al-Zara farms in Talkalakh.

The source added that another army unit destroyed a rocket launcher and a vehicle equipped with a heavy machine gun northwest Kafarnan and eliminated a terrorist group was trying to attack the village of Qanieh al-Asi in al-Rastan.

Army units pursue the remnants of terrorists in Idleb and it countryside

A military source told SANA reporter that the army units pursued the remnants of the armed terrorist groups in the vicinity of al-Daif (guest ) valley and destroyed four machinegun-equipped vehicles in al-Za'lana, and Ma'rshamsheh villages and in Ma'arrat al-Numan in Idleb countryside.

B. Mousa/ M. Ismael

Female beauty




Wilfried Martens and the Assassination of Patrice Lumumba



Patrice Lumumba, first prime minister of the Republic of Congo and a pioneer of African unity, was murdered on 17 January 1961.

Democratically elected to lead the Mouvement National Congolais, the party he founded in 1958, Lumumba was at the centre of the country’s growing popular defiance of the colonial rule of oppression imposed by Belgium. When, in June 1960, independence was finally won, his unscheduled speech at the official ceremonies in Kinshasa received a standing ovation and made him a hero to millions. Always a threat to those who sought to maintain a covert imperialist hand over the country, however, he became within months the victim of an insidious plot and was arrested and subsequently tortured and executed.

Photos: 1) Belgian Prime Minister Wilfried Martens and Mubuto 2) Patrice Lumumba arrested

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageLumumba, New.York









Latest News Syria: American 'Peace Corps'


Estonia: NATO Air Forces Practice Air Combat On Russia’s Border

Japan Forges Closer Military Ties With Georgia

Pentagon Trains Scandinavian Allies In Close-Quarter Battle Tactics

NATO military chief lauds “most connected multi-national naval force the world has ever known”

Mediterranean: NATO Naval Exercises “In High Gear”

Syrian Border: NATO Military Committee Chief Visits Jordan

Mediterranean Sea To Indian Ocean: NATO Says Libyan War, “Arab Spring” Confirm Need For Article 5 Operation

Libya, Syria and Now Lebanon?

U.S. Enlists Japan As Global Military Partner

NATO Expansion, Missile System, U.S. Tactical Nuclear Weapons Threaten European Arms Treaty

Aldous Huxley: All devote themselves methodically and scientifically to general massacre and wholesale destruction

Source: http://rickrozoff.wordpress.com/2013/09/

American 'Peace Corps': http://www.peacecorps.gov/




'Allegedly drunk': promotion stunt