Latest News Syria: Russia, Japan

Nov 2, 2013

Tokyo, (SANA)_ Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that there are attempts to distort the meaning of the US-Russian initiative on holding Geneva 2 international conference on Syria .

"There are too many games around this initiative. There are attempts if not to derail the process completely , then to distort the meaning, to send it off onto the path that is too unrealistic and will prove to be a dead end," Russia today quoted Lavrov as saying in a joint press conference with in Tokyo on Saturday following his talks with Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida.

Lavrov hailed Tokyo's confirmation on its intention to adopt the policy of active peace.

For his part, Japanese Foreign Minister Kishida stressed that Moscow supported the idea of Japan's participation in the international conference on Syria.

H. Zain/ Mazen


National Sovereignty: President Nasser


Speech by President Nasser of the United Arab Republic, September 15, 1956

In these decisive days in the history of mankind, these days in which truth struggles to have itself recognized in international chaos where powers of evil domination and imperialism have prevailed, Egypt stands firmly to preserve her sovereignty. Your country stands solidly and staunchly to preserve her dignity against imperialistic schemes of a number of nations who have uncovered their desires for domination and supremacy.

In these days and in such circumstances Egypt has resolved to show the world that when small nations decide to preserve their sovereignty, they will do that all right and that when these small nations are fully determined to defend their rights and maintain their dignity, they will undoubtedly succeed in achieving their ends. . . .

I am speaking in the name of every Egyptian Arab and in the name of all free countries and of all those who believe in liberty and are ready to defend it. I am speaking in the name of principles proclaimed by these countries in the Atlantic Charter. But they are now violating these principles and it has become our lot to shoulder the responsibility of reaffirming and establishing them anew. . . .

We have tried by all possible means to cooperate with those countries which claim to assist smaller nations and which promised to collaborate with us but they demanded their fees in advance. This we refused so they started to fight with us. They said they will pay toward building the High Dam and then they withdrew their offer and cast doubts on the Egyptian economy. Are we to declaim [disclaim?] our sovereign right? Egypt insists her sovereignty must remain intact and refuses to give up any part of that sovereignty for the sake of money.

Egypt nationalized the Egyptian Suez Canal company. When Egypt granted the concession to de Lesseps it was stated in the concession between the Egyptian Government and the Egyptian company that the company of the Suez Canal is an Egyptian company subject to Egyptian authority. Egypt nationalized this Egyptian company and declared freedom of navigation will be preserved.

But the imperialists became angry. Britain and France said Egypt grabbed the Suez Canal as if it were part of France or Britain. The British Foreign Secretary forgot that only two years ago he signed an agreement stating the Suez Canal is an integral part of Egypt.

Egypt declared she was ready to negotiate. But as soon as negotiations began threats and intimidations started. . . .

Eden stated in the House of Commons there shall be no discrimination between states using the canal. We on our part reaffirm that and declare there is no discrimination between canal users. He also said Egypt shall not be allowed to succeed because that would spell success for Arab nationalism and would be against their policy, which aims at the protection of Israel.

Today they are speaking of a new association whose main objective would be to rob Egypt of the canal and deprive her of rightful canal dues. Suggestions made by Eden in the House of Commons which have been backed by France and the United States are a clear violation of the 1888 convention, since it is impossible to have two bodies organizing navigation in the canal. . . .

By stating that by succeeding, Abdel Nasser would weaken Britain : s stand against Arab nationalism, Eden is in fact admitting his real objective is not Abdel Nasser as such but rather to defeat Arab nationalism and crush its cause. Eden speaks and finds his own answer. A month ago he let out the cry that be was after Abdel Nasser. Today the Egyptian people are fully conscious of their sovereign rights and Arab nationalism is fully awakened to its new destiny....

Those who attack Egypt will never leave Egypt alive. We shall fight a regular war, a total war, a guerrilla war. Those who attack Egypt will soon realize they brought disaster upon themselves. He who attacks Egypt attacks tile whole Arab world. They say in their papers the -whole thing will be over in forty-eight hours. They do not know how strong we really are.

We believe in international law. But we will never submit. We shall show the world bow a small country can stand in the face of great powers threatening with armed might. Egypt might be a small power but she is great inasmuch as she has faith in her power and convictions. I feel quite certain every Egyptian shares the same convictions as I do and believes in everything I am stressing now.

We shall defend our freedom and independence to the last drop of our blood. This is the stanch feeling of every Egyptian. The whole Arab nation will stand by us in our common fight against aggression and domination. Free peoples, too, people who are really free will stand by us and support us against the forces of tyranny….



Latest News Syria

Nov. 2, 2013

Provinces, (SANA)- The Syrian Arab army on Saturday intensified operations targeting the armed terrorist groups in different regions, killing scores of them and eliminating their criminal weapons.

Terrorists killed in al-Nabek and Yabroud

Army units eliminated whole terrorist groups in Damascus countryside, destroying weapons and ammunition for them.

A military source told SANA that army units eliminated two terrorist groups in Wadi al-Majar west of Wadi al-Sarkha in al-Nabek and in Yabroad area in Damascus countryside.

Army units kill terrorists, destroy weaponry in Damascus countryside

The army units made a major advancement in pursuing terrorists in al-Sbeineh area and carried out a series of accurate operations, eliminating whole terrorist groups in Barzeh neighborhood, eastern Ghouta and the southern and northern countryside of Damascus.

An official source said that an army unit killed 11 terrorists and destroyed their weapons east of Tishreen Hospital in Barzeh neighborhood, as another unit killed more than 10 terrorists on Zamalka axis and south of the Electricity Company in Jobar neighborhood. The terrorist Mohammad Halawa was identified among the dead.

Deep into eastern Ghouta, more than 15 terrorists were killed in an ambush by an army unit on al-Kasemieh and al-Dilbeh axis, among them Diaa Jom'a.

A qualitative operation resulted in destroying a factory for manufacturing explosives in Deir al-Asafir town.

The source added that army units pounded terrorists' hideout in Alya farms and killed the terrorists inside, among them Majed Tabajo, as other units destroyed a den for terrorists with the weapons and ammunitions inside, killing numbers of them in Mdeira town south of Duma city, among them Mohammad Wehbe.

Army units clashed with armed terrorist groups in al-Jami'yat neighborhood and in the vicinity of al-Sayyeda Sukaina shrine in Daraya city, killing 4 terrorists, as army units made advancement on al-Jami'yat neighborhood axis in al-Sbineh town in Damascus southern countryside.

Terrorists' dens have been destroyed between al-Sahl and Yabroud towns and killed the terrorists inside them, among them Mohammad Zahlawi as another unit killed the terrorist Jamal Ali in one of Yabroud farms.

Army kills terrorists in Deir Ezzor city

An army unit killed many members of armed terrorist groups in a series of operations targeting their dens in the neighborhoods of al-Rushdiyeh, al-Hwaiqa and the old airport in the city of Deir Ezzor.

A military source told SANA reporter that terrorists Ahmad Saleh al-Khleif, Abdul-Salam Issa al-Hamed and Hassan Eid were identified among the dead.

ISIS terrorist groups' leaders killed in Lattakia countryside

Terrorists linked to the so-called The Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS), which is affiliated to al-Qaeda, were killed in several villages and towns in the northern countryside of Lattakia and scores of their dens and cars loaded with rockets were destroyed.

SANA reporter quoted a military source as saying that an army unit killed 6 terrorists and destroyed three cars, one of which loaded with rockets, in Burj Zahiyeh village. Among the dead were Aref Rustum and Adnan Jarjoureh.

Another army unit carried out a special operation in which it killed 19 terrorists and destroyed a truck loaded with rockets in al-Aliyeh village. Terrorists Abo Majed al-Hali, Marwan al-Shaar, Mahmoud Jamal-Eddin and Yehia al-Kizbari were identified among the dead.

Meanwhile, an attempt by terrorists to infiltrate Hakro village was foiled as they were repelled by army soldiers and six of them were killed, including an Iraqi terrorist who is leader of one of the terrorist groups in the area.

An army unit also confronted armed terrorist groups which tried to attack army posts in al-Daghmashliyeh village and killed two of their members; Aqil al-Bustani and Ahmad al-Sayyed.

Scores of terrorist groups' leaders were killed and two ammunition-loaded cars and mortar rounds were destroyed in a special operation carried out by an army unit in Salma area.

The killed terrorists included leaders of the Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham in Salam and its surrounding, al-Ansar Battalion and Ahbab al-Nabi Battalions , who are from Yemen, Libya and Iraq.

Terrorists Abboud al-Nu'aimi from Saudi Arabia and Nizar Abdullatif from Egypt were identified among the dead, in addition to Saleh Abdul-Qader al-Saqa and Khalid Tarboush.

Bomb-making workshop destroyed in Daraa

A series of special operations were carried out against terrorist groups in several areas in the city and countryside of Daraa in which many terrorists were killed and injured, in addition to the destruction of a workshop for making explosive devices.

A military source told SANA that units of the armed forces killed a number of terrorists in operations against their gatherings between al-Nakhleh area and al-Sad road and near al-Shorta buildings in al-Abbassiyeh neighborhood in the city.

A number of the terrorists' cars which were loaded with weapons and ammunition were destroyed, according to the source.

Terrorist Ahmad al-Shamlouni from Palestine was identified among the dead, in addition to Mustafa Fawaz Ayash and Fahmi Ahmad al-Abd.

The source added that the army units destroyed a workshop for making explosive devices and several terrorists' dens were destroyed in the areas of Atman, Dael and Tafas in the western countryside of Daraa.

Members of armed terrorist groups were killed and injured in the villages of Abo Ghara, al-Hairan and Ghadir al-Bustan. Terrorists Abdullah Mohammad al-Zamel, Abdul-Munem Mohammad al-Issa and Abdo Ismael al-Jalil were among the dead.

Heavy losses were inflicted upon terrorists' gatherings in Tal al-Summen, Nawa and Busr al-Harir and the villages of al-Mseika and al-Khawabi, leaving many of the terrorists dead, including Ahmad Mohammad Ali Kiwan.

Scores of terrorists killed in special operations in Homs

A unit of the armed forces carried out a special operation against a terrorist group's den in al-Qaryatain area, killing two of its members, a military source told SANA reporter.

The source added that three terrorists' cars were destroyed in Hawsh al-Salloum, while terrorists' gatherings were destroyed in several areas in al-Rastan area.

A rocket launch pad was destroyed in al-Dar al-kabira village and members of an armed terrorist group were killed to the north of Talaf village, according to the source.

Scores of terrorists were killed in special operations in the neighborhoods of Bab Hood, al-Warsheh, al-Safsafeh, al-Hamidiyeh and al-Qusour.

An army unit pursued terrorist groups in Mahin area, eliminating many of their members and confiscating their weapons and ammo, including mortar launchers.

The army also dismantled 17 explosive devices of various sizes and shapes which terrorists had planted on the Sadad-Mahin road and rigged for remote detonation.

Another unit destroyed a rocket launcher in the village or Rahoum in Jeb al-Jarrah area, eliminating all members of a terrorist group.

Terrorists' hideouts targeted in Damascus Countryside

The army units destroyed terrorists' gatherings and hideouts with all the weapons and ammunition inside them to the south of Housh Arab and Adra, north of al-Sahel, south-east of al-Jarajir in al-Nabek and norht of Yabroud in Damascus Countryside.

Army eliminates terrorists in Idleb countryside

A military source told SANA that units of the armed forces eliminated armed terrorist groups and destroyed scores of cars loaded with weapons and ammunition in the area surrounding Jabal al-Araba'in in Idleb countryside.

The source added that a number of terrorists were killed in the villages of Kfer Shalaya, Abu al-Dohour, Mantaf, Bzabour, Ma'arzaf, Masibin and al-Hamameh in Jisr al-Shughour and in Kfer Roma and east of Serjeh in Maarat al-Nu'man.

In Wadi al-Deif area in Ma'aret al-Nu'man, an army unit eliminated all members of a terrorist group and destroyed their equipment.

Army carries out operations against terrorists' gatherings in Hasaka

In Hasaka, SANA reporter quoted an official source in the province as saying that units of the armed forces carried out operations against the terrorists'gatherings and hideouts in the areas of Ajajeh al-Gharbieh, and the poultry establishment, 7 April Dam, the building of al-Jbesieh Wells Department in al-Shadadi and al-Makbra village in Hasaka countryside and Tal Hamis town in Qamishli countryside.

Terrorist groups' members killed in clashes among them in Daraa countryside

Clashes erupted between armed terrorist groups in Um al-Mayazen town in Daraa countryside, resulting in the death and injury of a number of their members.

ISIS terrorists killed in fighting in Eteira village, Lattakia

In Eteira village in Lattakia, a fighting broke out among terrorist groups linked to the ISIS resulting in the destruction of a thermal rocket cache, a rocket launcher, a heavy cannon and a 23 mm anti-aircraft gun.

Scores of the groups' members were killed in the fighting, including terrorists from Kazakhstan, Dagestan and Turkey. Two women were identified among the dead.

Army units eliminate terrorists in Aleppo and its countryside

Army units targeted gatherings of terrorists in the areas of al-Rashidin and al-Mansoura in Aleppo city, eliminating a number of them and injruign others.

Other units destroyed a large number of vehicles used by terrorists near Aleppo Central Prison, the areas of al-Sheikh Najjar and Hreitain, and west of Tal Refa'at.

An army unit destroyed rocket launch platforms, mortar launchers and terrorist hideouts in the areas of al-Jdaideh and Kwayres, eliminating a number of terrorists and injuring others.

English Bulletin


Arab spring

Abdul Razak Tlas, is the leader of the so called “Farouq brigade”.  

Some times ago, he published a video  on Skype where he was masturbating and removing the clothes of his ‘girlfriend’ holding up rings he stole for her.

Another video that was released some weeks ago showed Firas Tlas, main Syrian financier of terrorism and a former member of the corrupt oligarchy, in a disgusting two-woman orgy. Manaf “the toy general” Tlas, is said to have made his very own pornographic movie to be published soon as well.  

Geneva-2 preparations Syria: Moscow unhappy

Russia and Syria

21 October, 2013

Moscow unhappy with intention of Friends of Syria Group to discuss Geneva-2 preparations separately

Moscow is opposed to unofficial discussions on the Syrian settlement and is surprised that preparations for the Geneva-2 conference has been declared as a part of the agenda of the Friends of Syria Group meeting in London on October 22, the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

"We have always aspired when working on Syria to act as a consolidated platform and to avoid various unofficial - separate, to be precise - discussions. The UN Security Council Resolution 2118 passed on September 27 namely calls for joint work. The fact that the agenda of the meeting mentioned includes preparations for the international conference on Syria, raises questions," the Russian Foreign Ministry quoted Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov as saying in a statement posted on its website.




French intentions in Syria

French intentions in Syria: Sykes–Picot Agreement

The Sykes–Picot Agreement, officially known as the Asia Minor Agreement, was a secret agreement between the governments of the United Kingdom and France, with the assent of Russia, defining their proposed spheres of influence and control in the Middle East should the Triple Entente succeed in defeating the Ottoman Empire during World War I. The negotiation of the treaty occurred between November 1915 and March 1916. The agreement was concluded on 16 May 1916.

The agreement effectively divided the Arab provinces of the Ottoman Empire outside the Arabian peninsula into areas of future British and French control or influence. The terms were negotiated by the French diplomat François Georges-Picot and British Sir Mark Sykes. The Russian Tsarist government was a minor party to the Sykes–Picot agreement, and when, following the Russian Revolution of October 1917, the Bolsheviks exposed the agreement, 'the British were embarrassed, the Arabs dismayed and the Turks delighted.'

Britain was allocated control of areas roughly comprising the coastal strip between the sea and River Jordan, Jordan, southern Iraq, and a small area including the ports of Haifa and Acre, to allow access to the Mediterranean. France was allocated control of south-eastern Turkey, northern Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. Russia was to get Istanbul, the Turkish Straits and the Ottoman Armenian vilayets. The controlling powers were left free to decide on state boundaries within these areas. Further negotiation was expected to determine international administration pending consultations with Russia and other powers, including the Sharif of Mecca.

In May 1917 W. Ormsby-Gore wrote "French intentions in Syria are surely incompatible with the war aims of the Allies as defined to the Russian Government. If the self-determination of nationalities is to be the principle, the interference of France in the selection of advisers by the Arab Government and the suggestion by France of the Emirs to be selected by the Arabs in Mosul, Aleppo, and Damascus would seem utterly incompatible with our ideas of liberating the Arab nation and of establishing a free and independent Arab State. The British Government, in authorising the letters despatched to King Hussein [Sharif of Mecca] before the outbreak of the revolt by Sir Henry McMahon, would seem to raise a doubt as to whether our pledges to King Hussein as head of the Arab nation are consistent with French intentions to make not only Syria but Upper Mesopotamia another Tunis. If our support of King Hussein and the other Arabian leaders of less distinguished origin and prestige means anything it means that we are prepared to recognise the full sovereign independence of the Arabs of Arabia and Syria. It would seem time to acquaint the French Government with our detailed pledges to King Hussein, and to make it clear to the latter whether he or someone else is to be the ruler of Damascus, which is the one possible capital for an Arab State, which could command the obedience of the other Arabian Emirs."


US, Britain, France repeat imperial intentions in Syria


Syria and the French, 1918–1946

Special Forces

D Gewerbegebiet Flint-Höhe, 83646 Bad Tölz,                     former US Flint Barracks
  1st Bn. 10th Special Forces Group

about D Bavariaring, 80336 München,                             Scene of the Crime
        13 people killed
        26.09.1980 Oktoberfest Bombing

after D Nymphenburger Strasse 64, 80335 München,                Christian Social Union  CSU

                                                                Franz Josef Strauss House


D Gewerbegebiet Flint-Höhe, 83646 Bad Tölz,                     former US Flint Barracks
  1st Bn. 10th Special Forces Group

about D Brienner Straße 20, 80333 München,                      Gestapo HQ Munich -
                                                                Wittelsbacher Palace

                                                                BayernLB – CSU
                                                                Consulate General of Israel -
                                                                since 2011

after D Knorrstr. 139, 80937 München,                           Constitutional Protection
                                                                Bavarian State  CSU


D Wolfgang-Brumme-Allee 52, 71034 Böblingen,                    Police Directorate Böblingen (1994-2013)
  Michéle Kiesewetter (22) (Policewoman)                        Federal Police
  25.04.2007 murdered  ”NSU”                                    former Wildermuth Barracks (-1994)
  Martin Arnold (Policeman)
  25.04.2007 “NSU”
  1st Bn. 10th Special Forces Group                             Bosnia mercenaries (Alexander Neidlein, neonazi)
  former Flint Barracks – Bad Tölz, Bavaria

about D Gewerbegebiet Flint-Höhe, 83646 Bad Tölz,               former US Flint Barracks
        1st Bn. 10th Special Forces Group

after D Reiffenstuelweg 2, 83700 Rottach-Egern,                 residential Address
        Daniel d’Alto (20)
        23.07.2009/29.07.2009 (disguised murder)


Let Syrians in occupied Golan visit their relatives in homeland !

Oct 31, 2013


Geneva, (SANA) – Syria has stressed that the report submitted by the Israeli occupation authorities to the UN Human Rights Council included lies and fallacies in an attempt by the occupation authorities to improve their black image before the world.

Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN in Geneva, Fayssal al-Hamwi, said during a session held to discuss the Israeli report, “Today, the Council has a report submitted by one of the entities which have supported terrorism the most,” reminding of Israel’s hostile history since it was founded.

Al-Hamwi, demanded the occupation authorities fully cooperate with the UN and immediately and unconditionally allow the investigation committee into the Israeli practices which affect human rights to visit the occupied Syrian Golan and let the Syrian citizens in the Golan to visit their relatives in the homeland through al-Quneitra crossing point.

He also demanded the occupation authorities respect their duties and commitments to preserve the natural resources of the occupied Syrian Golan.        


Latest News Syria: Syria destroyed chemical weapons production

Oct 31, 2013


The Hague/Beijing (SANA) - Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) on Thursday said that Syria has destroyed all production and mixing equipment of the declared chemical weapons facilities within the time limit set for eliminating the chemical weapons.

OPWC teams inspected 21 sites out of 23 of chemical weapons sites all over the country, the organization said in a document seen by Reuters.

The Organization clarified that the other two sites cannot be checked but their equipment were transferred into other sites where they were inspected.

OPWC said it made sure that production, mixing and filling facilities and equipment of the 23 announced sites were destroyed.

Last week, the organization stressed that Syria was committed to the time limit set for getting rid of the chemical weapons.

In Washington, the U.S. expressed confidence in the possibility of respecting the specified time limits to eliminate the chemical weapons in Syria, which means in June 2014, said Thomas Countryman, the Assistant Secretary for International Security and Nonproliferation. 

United Nations:  OPCW-UN Joint mission  coordinates efforts with Russia

The UN Secretary General’s Spokesperson, Martin Nesirky, said on Thursday that the coordinator of the Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons ( OPCW)-UN mission to Syria, Sigrid Kaag, intends to coordinate efforts with Russia to eliminate the Syrian chemical weapons.

Russia Today website quoted Nesirky as saying in a statement that the aim of Kaag visit to Moscow is to coordinate the efforts with Russia, an important country that has large experience in eliminating  chemical weapons.

In a statement last week, Kaag affirmed that the Syrian government is completely cooperating with the experts’ team,  appreciating the Syrian government and people for this cooperation.

Chinese experts will participate in OPCW mission in Syria

In the same context, Chinese Defense Ministry announced Thursday that two Chinese army experts will participate in the mission of destroying the chemical weapons in Syria.

The Ministry’s spokesman Yang Yujun said the Ministry will send two Chinese experts to the headquarters of the OPCW upon the latter’s invitation, who will then head to Syria to join the mission.

Quoted by the Chinese Xinhua news agency, Yang noted that the Chinese army will provide assistance to the mission within its capabilities and that this assistance will be subject to the arrangements set by the Chinese government.

English Bulletin

British spring: censorship about spying

National High Five Day

British government moves to censor media coverage of spying operations

21 June 2013

The Guardian reported June 17 that UK Defence officials issued a confidential D-Notice (Defence Advisory Notice) June 7 to the BBC and other media organisations.

D-Notices are official requests to news editors not to publish or broadcast items on specified subjects on the grounds of “national security”. They are issued by the Defence, Press and Broadcasting Advisory Committee, which operates between government departments dealing with intelligence and national security, and the media.

The D-Notice was issued the day after the Guardian had exposed, based on leaks provided by former US National Security Agency (NSA) sub-contractor Edward Snowden, vast and systematic police-state surveillance conducted under the Obama administration by the NSA. Its purpose was to censor any further coverage.

The order is marked, “Private and Confidential: Not for publication, broadcast or use on social media” and reads: “There have been a number of articles recently in connection with some of the ways in which the UK Intelligence Services obtain information from foreign sources.

“Although none of these recent articles has contravened any of the guidelines contained within the Defence Advisory Notice System, the intelligence services are concerned that further developments of this same theme may begin to jeopardize both national security and possibly UK personnel.”

The same day that the Guardian revealed the existence of the D-Notice, and the G8 summit of world leaders opened in Northern Ireland, the newspaper broke a five-page story based on further documents made available by Snowden. It catalogued the way that the British government, through its Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) spy centre, had mounted an intensive spying operation on foreign politicians attending two G20 summit meetings in London in 2009.

It should be noted that the Guardian did not reveal the D-Notice’s existence until it had been in operation for 10 days and first made public on the British politics blog “Guido Fawkes.”

The Guardian claims “it is not clear what impact the warning has had on media coverage of Snowden’s revelations relating to British intelligence.” However, no other national newspaper has commented on the issuing of the D-Notice and Foreign Secretary William Hague, the minister responsible for GCHQ, was not asked about the Guardian ’s claims about the UK governments’ spying when he appeared on BBC radio’s flagship “Today” programme on the morning the article was published. A short item on the story appeared at the end of the “Today” programme but there has been no further mention, indicating that the BBC is fully on board with the D-Notice.

The Guardian ’s UK spying operation story was ignored by most national newspapers, including the Times and the Financial Times, in their coverage of the G8 summit. Others gave it scant attention. The Independent and the Daily Telegraph published short, almost identical articles, which sought to brush the story under the carpet. The Daily Telegraph merely noted that it had “the potential to embarrass the Prime Minister [David Cameron] as he hosts leaders from the world’s most powerful countries at the G8 summit in Northern Ireland”. It has since completely dropped the story.

Commenting on the failure to follow up the Guardian ’s story, Dominic Ponsford, the editor of Press Gazette, a magazine and web site for UK journalists, pointed to the anti-democratic basis of the D-Notice system, which has five separate, all-embracing standing notices in place ready to enforce.

Ponsford stated, “My understanding is that Monday’s Guardian coverage is seen as being in breach of DA Notice 5 [known as United Kingdom Security & Intelligence Services & Special Services]. This requests that editors seek advice from the DA Notice Committee secretary before publishing details of: ‘specific covert operations, sources and methods of the Security Service, SIS and GCHQ, Defence Intelligence Units, Special Forces and those involved with them, the application of those methods, including the interception of communications, and their targets; the same applies to those engaged on counter-terrorist operations’”

Whilst the overwhelming majority of the media have complied with the D-Notice and remain silent, the right-wing Daily Mail has launched an open attack on the Guardian and its exposures using explicitly anti-democratic and authoritarian arguments.

In an article published June 18 with the headline, “Shock horror! Britain spies on other nations”, columnist Stephen Glover writes, “Five pages of The Guardian newspaper were yesterday given over to what was presented as one of the most outrageous scandals of modern times. Horror of horrors, Britain has allegedly been bugging other governments.

“Whatever The Guardian, with its head in the clouds, may believe, the British government has an obligation to protect this country’s strategic and economic interests in a world in which foreign governments are ruthlessly pursuing theirs.”

Glover continued, “If our security services weren’t trying to find out the private thoughts of other key governments before important international meetings, they would be failing in their duty.”

Enthusing over the BBC’s silence over the reports, Glover wrote, “Even the BBC, which normally treats The Guardian as its house journal and guiding star, has so far not followed up the paper’s latest overblown revelations with as much enthusiasm as might have been expected.”

Glover concluded his piece by declaring that the interests of the British ruling class were all-important and were being directly threatened by the Guardian ’s exposures. “Don’t imagine the paper is being naïve: it is far too sophisticated for that. Treachery is too strong a word, but it is impossible to find any decent motive for what The Guardian has done. These supposedly world-shattering revelations were intended to damage the British government at the beginning of a crucial summit.”

A D-Notice was also served on the UK media in November 2010, two days prior to WikiLeaks beginning publication of 251,287 leaked US embassy cables. The cables exposed the real state of international relations, the undercover criminal activities of the US and other governments.

That D-Notice stated, “aspects of national security might be put at risk if a major UK media news outlet brought such information into obvious public prominence through its general publication or broadcast.” It asked editors to seek “advice before publishing or broadcasting any information drawn from these latest WikiLeaks’ disclosures” and warned of the “potential consequential effects of disclosing information which would put at risk the safety and security of Britons working or living in volatile regions where such publicity might trigger violent local reactions, for example Iran, Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan.”

The message was clear. The press were under orders not to say or do anything to jeopardise the illegal and criminal wars of aggression in which the UK was involved.

As well as the draconian D-Notice’s preventing the publication of stories deemed detrimental to the “national interest”, the British ruling elite presides over a legal system that includes “super-injunctions” that allow wealthy individuals to do the same without anyone knowing of it. Britain also has some of the most punitive libel legislation in the world. What is being defended by such means is the “right” of the ruling class to conceal their illegal and criminal practises from the population.

In the UK as in the US, the mainstream media as a whole is playing its assigned role. The response of media outlets to the June 17 D-Notice is ample proof that rather than exposing government criminality, their own self-censorship serves to abet this criminality.





U.S. refuses to compensate victims of chemical weapons in Vietnam

Vietnam dioxin

From 1961 to 1971, approximately 19 million gallons of chemical agents including Agent Orange, were sprayed over the southern region of Vietnam. Much of it was contaminated with dioxin, a deadly chemical. Dioxin causes various forms of cancers, reproductive illnesses, immune deficiencies, endocrine deficiencies, nervous system damage, and physical and developmental disabilities.

So while the US government is attempting to “police the world” in search of chemical weapons, it is important to remember the long history that they have of using these weapons themselves.

US Government refuses to compensate victims of chemical weapons in Vietnam.

Israel used Chemical weapons

Mass spectrometry analysis conducted by the New Weapons Research Group (NWRG) found aluminium, titanium, strontium, barium, cobalt and mercury in biopsies taken from white phosphorus wounds at Shifaa Hospital, Gaza. (Aluminium, barium and mercury have potential for lethal and intoxicating effects; aluminium and mercury can cause chronic pathologies over time; mercury is carcinogenic for humans; cobalt can cause mutations; and aluminium is fetotoxic, i.e. injurious to foetuses.)

White phosphorus bombs are built with alternating sectors of white phosphorus and aluminium. Analysis by NWRC of the powder from a shell near Al-Wafa Hospital in Gaza also found high levels of molybdenum, tungsten and mercury. Tungsten and mercury are carcinogenic, while molybdenum is toxic to sperms.

In a report appropriately entitled “Gaza Strip, soil has been contaminated due to bombings: population in danger”, NWRG also conducted analyses of two craters caused by bombs in 2006 and two others by bombs in 2009. In the 2006 craters they identified tungsten, mercury and molybdenum, while in the 2009 craters at Tufah they discovered molybdenum, cadmium, cobalt, nickel, manganese, copper and zinc. Cadmium and some nickel and manganese compounds are carcinogenic.

NWRG has further conducted research of hair samples from 95 children resident in heavily bombed areas of Gaza. Again using mass spectrometry the study identified the carcinogenic or toxic metals chromium, cadmium, cobalt, tungsten and uranium. One wounded individual also had unusually high levels of lead. The study found the results alarming and considered the levels could be pathogenic in situations of chronic exposure.


The first female prisoner of Unit 731 is a victim of the phosphorus burn wound experiments conducted by microbiologist Shiro Ishii

A victim of the phosphorus burn wound experiments conducted by microbiologist Shiro Ishii