Latest News Syria: Leader of ISIS killed

Scores of terrorists, including leader of ISIS, killed in Army crushing operations

Provinces, Jan 10, 2014(SANA)- The army on Friday carried out sweeping operations in variosu areas around the country during which it killed leader of the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham among scores of terrorists and destroyed heavy machineguns and a rocket cache.

Terrorists from “Islam Brigade” killed in Damascus Countryside

Numbers of terrorists were killed and others were injured, some affiliated to the so-called “Islam Brigade” in a chain of military operations carried out in various areas in Damascus and its countryside.

SANA reporter quoted sources as saying that 4 terrorists were killed and 3 others were wounded, while their weapons were destroyed in Joubar neighborhood in the countryside.

A unit of the armed forces razed a terrorists’ gathering in Douma, killing a number of them, while another unit destroyed several gatherings for terrorist groups affiliated to the so-called “Islam Brigade” in the farms of Alieh and al-Hejjariyeh.

Other army units clashed with terrorist groups in al-Alali area and in Daraya city, killing and wounding many of their members.

Meanwhile, an army unit clashed with a group of terrorists and killed two of them in the surrounding of al-Omari Mosque in al-Qaboun neighborhood in the city of Damascus.

Leader of ISIS killed,  rocket cache destroyed in Lattakia

A military source told SANA that an army unit destroyed a cache full of rockets and 4 cars equipped with heavy machineguns in Salma village, killing scores of them, including Fadel al-Tarkawi from Saudi Arabia, Khalid al-Rashwani from Egypt and Abu Safuan al-Zaidi from Libya.

The source added that among the dead was an Iraqi terrorist nicknamed Abo Mihjem, leader of the so-called The Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) that is linked to al-Qaeda, in addition to Fadih al-Khalaf and Ahmad al-Khalafan al-Sayyed terrorists from Qatar and two other terrorists from Saudi Arabia nicknamed Abo al-Nour and Abo Maarouf.

The source pointed out that other army units killed tens of terrorists in Kilis and Naouara villages, including Abu Mazen al-Kafi from Libya, Ahmad Kareh Ahmad, Ra'aef Younso, Majed Ablaq, Mohammad Maryam, Omar Shekho, Slama al-Salim and Mahmoud Yusuf, in addition to destroying a rockets launcher and a number of cars loaded with Grad rockets.

Meanwhile, another army unit killed 13 terrorists in Khrab al-Jouz village, including Abu Hamdo al-Abbasi from Iraq, Abu Mazen al-Shoubi, Safuan Akra and Abdulrahman AL-Assaf, in addition to destroying two cars loaded with weapons, ammunition and explosive devices.

Read more at: http://sana.sy/eng/337/2014/01/10/521591.htm


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