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Dear Sir,

One of JVP's strengths is our incredible Advisory Board - which includes activists, artists, and writers like Naomi Klein, Tony Kushner, and Michael Ratner. Legendary author and activist Noam Chomsky is also a founding member of our Advisory Board -  and he wrote this note to explain why he thinks so highly of JVP, and to ask you to join him by making a tax-deductible year-end donation. Right now, it will be matched dollar-for-dollar by a group of our most committed donors.

I was raised in Philadelphia in a world of Jewish immigrants, immersed in Hebrew culture—and through my extended family—introduced to radical working class politics.

In the 1940s, I supported equal rights for Jews and Arabs, a view that today would be considered practically treasonous. Then again, a lot of my views on war, empire, capitalism and so forth have been viewed as treasonous. At least they were at first.

These days, there are really only a handful of Jewish organizations that honor the traditions of universal equality that inspired me to be an activist so many years ago.

Jewish Voice for Peace is one of them, and I hope you'll join me and become a JVP donor with a $36 tax-deductible contribution - especially now when every dollar you give through midnight, December 31 will be matched.

I know first-hand how rough it can be to speak out about the terrible consequences of unconditional U.S. support for Israeli policies.

Policies that violate international law, and the human rights of Palestinians and also Israelis, like the Bedouin.

The truth is, none of us can do this work alone. To shift the balance of power, we have to build a grassroots movement that can challenge the status quo.

And this is why I support Jewish Voice for Peace—because they're doing just that.

JVP is fearless - they regularly go toe-to-toe with organizations with 10 and 50 times their budget.

They're principled - their commitment to international law and justice is unwavering.

They're smart - they have built a large grassroots base, are strategic in their campaigns, and know how to leverage limited resources to make big impacts.

Groups like Jewish Voice for Peace don't get big donations from foundations or billionaire donors. They exist because thousands of people just like you and me chip in what we can.

So please join me. Make a gift now. The impact will be doubled if you give before midnight, December 31st.

Becoming a JVP donor is something tangible you can do, today, to change the world.

Please click here to chip in a $36 or even $50 tax-deductible gift today.



Noam Chomsky
JVP Advisory Board member

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Jewish Voice for Peace
1611 Telegraph Ave, Suite 550
Oakland, CA 94612

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