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Boats and vehicles for terrorists destroyed

Dec 19, 2013

Provinces, (SANA) - Units of the armed forces on Thursday targeted terrorists in a number of cities and areas, killing scores of them and destroying their hideouts and vehicles.

Terrorists, ambushed in Adra, Damascus Countryside

An army ambushed scores of terrorists in the expansion project in the residential city of Adra in Damascus Countryside, a military source told SANA reporter.

The source stressed that large amounts of the ambushed terrorists' weapons and ammunition were seized, including BKC machine guns and automatic rifles.

Army units discover terrorists' den in al-Nabek city

Units of the armed forces in cooperation with national defense and competent authorities discovered a den which was used by terrorists to store weapons  and ammunition in the farms surrounding al-Nabek city in Damascus Countryside.

A source pointed  out that the army units discovered a den full of explosive devices, materials for making explosives and stolen medical equipment in al-Nabek area.

Terrorists' boats and cars carrying weapons destroyed in Homs

A unit of the armed forces destroyed terrorists' boats loaded with weapons and ammunition in Kissin bay in al-Rastan Lake in Homs province, according to a military source.

The source told SANA that several terrorists' dens were destroyed to the west of the Sport Club and al-Ashtar square in al-Rastan city, while an armed terrorist group was wholly eliminated and its members' weapons were destroyed in Deir Foul village.

An army unit killed destroyed a number of cars transporting terrorists' weapons and ammunition between the villages of Burj Qa'I and Kissin in al-Houleh area, leaving many of the terrorists dead and wounded.

A chain of special operations were carried out against terrorists' gatherings and dens in the villages and towns of al-Dar al-Kabira and al-Ghasbiyeh in the countryside of Homs. Scores of the terrorists were left dead and wounded.

Units of the armed forces killed and injured all members of armed terrorist groups in al-Waer neighborhood and the villages of al-Mashjar al-Janoubi and al-Khaldiyeh and in Talbiseh area.

The source noted that some of the terrorists were affiliated to the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham which is linked to al-Qaeda.

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