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Palestinian reconciliation committee chief: Terrorist groups used al-Yarmouk Camp as ‘bargaining chip’

Dec 14, 2013

Damascus, (SANA) _Sheikh Mohammad al-Omari, head of the Palestinian Popular Reconciliation Committee said the armed groups have turned the locals in al-Yarmouk Camp into a bargaining chip to compromise the Palestinian cause and revoke the right to return.

Speaking at a press conference in Damascus, al-Omari said ”al-Yarmouk Camp is targeted by the West and the US to displace the Palestinian people and liquidate their rights,” indicating that the Committee has proposed “a popular initiative par excellence” to solve the humanitarian crisis in the camp.

”But it was the gunmen inside the camp who reneged on the agreement to put the initiative into effect,” he pointed out, adding that the ”gunmen’s stalling on implementing the initiative came after they received outside dictates, because of their being hamstrung by calculations that take no account of the efforts to solve the crisis.”

The Syrian government has ”facilitated the Committee’s work and encouraged it to go ahead with implementing the agreement alongside the majority of the Palestinian factions,” he said, citing the amnesty granted to all those who are willing to defend the Camp and the food packages provided by the State Ministry for National Reconciliation Affairs to the locals inside the Camp.

M. Ismael

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