Frits Bolkestein: Verhofstadt ‘is barking at the moon’

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Brussels, November 19, 2013

The Dutch liberal politician and former EU Commissioner Frits Bolkestein has launched a scathing attack against Guy Verhofstadt, who leads the liberal and pro-European ALDE group in the European Parliament, 

Verhofstadt and his fellow European federalist supporters, are a greater danger to the European Union than eurosceptics, Bolkestein said in a recent interview.

The liberal leader and his federalist backers are “barking at the moon” when discussing the future of the European Union, the former EU commissioner argued.

Bolkenstein concurred with earlier remarks made by Mark Verheijen, the liberal party VVD’s spokesperson on European issues, that “Europhiles like Martin Schulz or Verhofstadt are a great danger to Europe than eurosceptics or anti-Europe populists”.

Bolkestein was the first former European Commissioner to publicly back a breakup of the euro, saying in the Dutch paper Algemeen Dagblad that the Netherlands had to exit the euro as quickly as possible. “The monetary union has totally failed. The euro turned out to be a sleeping pill which made Europe doze off instead of thinking about our competitiveness,” he said.

Guy Verhofstadt dreams of a federal European superstate: “A federal EU is the only option. The EU should have its own president, foreign minister, army and prosecutor”. 

Verhofstadt on Lybia: “The weak position of the EU makes me sick”

Verhofstadt on Syria: “The time for peace talks is over, we need action now. If the UN doesn’t react, then NATO should.”

Verhofstadt is since 2012 a Board Member of the Brussels-based, Brussels-quoted Sofina holding (petroleum gas and oil platforms). The Belgian industrialist Viscount Etienne Davignon, Chairman of the Bilderberg Group, is Honorary Director of Sofina.


On 20 February 2009 the European Parliament voted in favour of the creation of Synchronised Armed Forces Europe (SAFE) as a first step towards a true European military force. SAFE will be directed by an EU directorate, with its own training standards and operational doctrine. There are also plans to create an EU “Council of Defence Ministers” and “a European statute for soldiers within the framework of Safe governing training standards, operational doctrine and freedom of operational action”.



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