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November 18, 2013

Damascus, (SANA)- The activities of Extraordinary Session of the Arab Parties' General Conference kicked off in the Damascus-based Dama Rose Hotel on Monday.

The conference is scheduled to discuss the political scene in Syria in light of the war waged against it by Arab, regional and international forces.

A number of party's representatives from Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Morocco, Yemen, Tunisia and Bahrain are participating in the Conference.

The Conference's chairman, Safwan Qudsi said the conference is convened at an ''intricate political juncture'' that is the result of a major conspiracy intended to fracture the Arab world and restructure it according to the US interests.

The conspiracy started with the wars launched in Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine, Qudsi said, and ''has today resurfaced through adopting a misleading concept: moderate Islam'' that was popularized by the so-called 'Arab Spring.'

Member of the regional leadership of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party, Youssef Ahmad said that meeting of the Arab parties is an opportunity for thrashing out ideas on the Arab causes, crises and concerns.

The tough crisis in Syria notwithstanding, al-Baath Party has not absolved itself, as leader of the stat, of responsibility for wrongs and shortcomings that happened at a particular stage and "created loopholes in the state and society,'' Ahmad pointed out.

The participants saw that some Arab regimes who are speaking about democracy, elections and regime change in other Arab states are ''silencing the voice of the opposition in their own countries and oppressing change.''

They hailed the Syrian army, state and people who stood fast against the aggression, voicing confidence that Syria's victory over the conspiracy is close at hand thanks to the sacrifices of Syrian army.

Syria will outline the features of a new Arab regional system, the participants stressed, affirming that the conspiracy is aimed at destroying the Syrian state, army and infrastructure but ''is doomed to failure.''

H. Zain/ M. Ismael/Ghossoun

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