Foreign backed terrorism in Syria

Nov 17, 2013

Damascus, (SANA)- Terrorist mortar attacks continue to claim more innocent lives in Damascus as a number of mortar shells hit Sunday various areas in the city and countryside and caused the martyrdom of 8 citizens and the injury of scores of others.

A source at Damascus Police Command said a mortar shell that landed near al-Sheikh Raslan Mosque in Bab Touma neighborhood killed three citizens and wounded 15 others, including children, referring also to seventeen other citizens who were also injured by a mortar shell that hit their bus in al-Sheikh Raslan area.

A citizen was martyred by a mortar shell that fell near al-Farouq school in Bab Sharqi, which also injured two other citizens, while material damage was caused by another shell that hit a house behind bab al-Salam.

The source added that two other citizens were martyred, 6 others were injured as six mortar shells landed in Baghdad Street.

Five other citizens, including a female school teacher, got wounded by two mortar shells that targeted Lubaneh al-Hilaliyeh school and the area between the French Hospital and al-Tahrir Square in al-Qassaa.

A citizen was martyred and two other citizens got injured by a shell that landed in al-Abbassiyeen bus garage.

Three citizens were also injured by shrapnel of a mortar shell that fell in al-Soufaniyeh square in Bab Touma area.

Citizen martyred in Jaramana, Damacsus Countryside

Jaramana city in Damascus Countryside was also targeted by the terrorists as a citizen was martyred and four others got injured in an attack with three mortar shells that hit al-Rawdeh neighborhood and the main square in the city of Jaramana.

The attack also caused material damage to a number of houses, shops and cars.






H. Said

Terrorism in Syria is backed by the U.S., Saoudi Arabia and Qatar

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