Syria: French authorities dismantle network that sent terrorists

French authorities dismantle network that recruited and sent terrorists to Syria

Nov 16, 2013 Paris, (SANA) – French authorities dismantled a network that had been recruiting and sending terrorists to Syria under the name of "jihadists" to fight alongside terrorist groups.

An informed source said that the French authorities arrested four men aged between 22 and 35 have been arrested on Tuesday in Paris as part of an operation to dismantle this network.

One of the arrested men who is suspected to be the leader of the network was arrested in Vitry-sur-Seine by counter-espionage detectives as part of investigation that started in summer, as this man has been in contact with elements that facilitate the transport of the jihadists.

Investigations revealed that at least two of the other men went to Syria to fight alongside the Al Qaeda affiliate Jabhat al-Nusra. Three of the arrested individuals were born in France and the fourth was born in Morocco, but their nationalities haven't been specified.

A woman was also arrested briefly and released later.

A source close to the case said that French authorities have information on around 440 people from France who either are currently fighting in Syria, planning to go and fight in it, or had recently returned from it.

The source added that around half of these terrorists are still in Syria, and that around 12 of them have been killed and 2 were arrested in Syria, while around 50 to 60 returned to France.
H. Sabbagh

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