Everyone wants to be a 'hero': Belgian salafists in Syria

November 14, 2013 - 14:56

Jejoen Bontinck remains in cell

After a conversation of half an hour, the Belgian Youth Court decided today to release a seventeen year old Antwerp Syria fighter who last week returned to Belgium.  He fought three months actively on the side of Isis, the most violent terrorist movement in Syria, which also sent threatening emails to Belgium.

But fortunately not everyone is immediately released again.

During a closed session this afternoon, the Court decided that the Syrian fighter Jejoen Bontinck stays in prison. Lawyer Kris Luyckx don't wish to comment on the news.

Jejoen Bontinck was detained after his voluntary return from Syria to Belgium.  On the day of his return, he was arrested at his mother's home.

The Belgian salafists are lucky that they can come back home while the Syrian population is victim of the ongoing fighting in Syria.

Source: http://www.vandaag.be/binnenland/140125_jejoen-bontinck-b...


28 September, 2013 

Leader of Belgian radical Salafist organization killed in Syria

The leader of Sharia4Belgium radical Salafist organization has been killed in Syria.

Ahmed Dijah fought alongside the anti-government extremist groups. He was the tenth Belgian killed in Syria. His death was documentarily confirmed.

Read more at: http://indian.ruvr.ru/news/2013_09_28/Leader-of-Belgian-radical-Salafist-organization-killed-in-Syria-6000


Aug 7, 2013 – EU: ‘Salafi Fighters in Syria Not Allowed to Return to Homelands in Europe’

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