Latest News Syria: Belgium supports terrorism

Belgian minor who was fighting against the Syrian government arrested and released

A seventeen year old Antwerp Syria fighter who last week returned to Belgium, was arrested and brought before the juvenile court. After a conversation of half an hour, the Court decided that he could go home. He was allowed to go back to school.

That is a precedent for all other Syria fighters who returned to our country and are currently in jail.

The teenager fought three months actively on the side of Isis, the most violent terrorist movement in Syria, which also sent threatening emails to our country.

Experts fear that this precedent will have consequences. Adults who fight in Syria know very clearly where they stand. When they return they will be arrested and they come to court on suspicion of participation in a terrorist organization.

Minors going to fight in Syria are now encouraged.

Belgian jihad organizations are recruiting in a very intense way on the internet among Antwerp minors to fight in Syria.



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