Latest News Syria: terrorist acts against schools and holy places

Syrian government condemns terrorist acts against schools and holy places

Nov 12, 2013

Damascus, (SANA)-The Syrian government on Tuesday condemned the coward, brutal terrorist acts which targeted the schools in al-Qasaa, Bab Sharqi and other holy places in addition to the assassination of Parliament member Mejhim al-Saho.

"Those heinous acts are not strange of the mentality and culture of the armed takfiri terrorist groups who kill childhood and fight science and knowledge in a bid to consolidate illiteracy and violence among the Syrian people," the Cabinet said during a weekly session headed by Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi.


Al-Halqi discussed with the Ministers the economic situation in the country, affirming that the price of the Syrian pound against foreign currency is stable, calling for opening new marketing points and taking new procedures to decrease the prices of basic food materials.

He reaffirmed that there are big quantities of oil products that boost the strategic reserve and cover the need of citizens during winter, pointing out to the rich stockpiles of wheat.

Al-Halqi referred to the efforts exerted to restore electricity to Aleppo and countryside after the terrorists targeted the power generating stations, saying that electricity is gradually returning to the city.

Prime Minister said that the national vaccination campaign will include 1.300 million child under 5-year, stressing that polio has vanished completely since 1999, but with the coming of the armed terrorist groups from 83 state, 13 cases occurred in Dir Ezzor infected by those terrorists.


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