Latest News Syria: Letter to the Turkish government

November 7, 2013

Damascus, (SANA) - The Syrian government has underlined the gravity of the terrorist groups' acquisition of weapons of mass destruction (WMDs).

The government referred, in a letter addressed to the counter-terrorism committees at the UN Security Council in New York, to the information unveiled by a court indictment in the Turkish city of Adana against a terrorist group comprising Syrian and Turkish members that sought to obtain chemical weapons.

The letter clarified that the abovementioned al-Qaeda-linked group sought to obtain materials used in manufacturing the toxic Sarin gas before having them transferred to Syria.

The letter warned of the possibility that other terrorist groups might lay hands on chemical weapons, which poses a threat to Syria, the region and the world.

The letter demanded that the committees concerned at the UNSC work to match the chemicals mentioned in the indictment with the toxic gas used in Damascus countryside, Aleppo countryside and other sites in Syria.

It also requested that the committees inquire as to the reason behind the Turkish authorities releasing some defendants before arresting them again, and looking into whether it was intended to waste evidence in the case or evidence pertaining to other past of planned terrorist acts.

The letter also demanded that the committees oblige the Turkish government to cooperate with the counter-terrorism bodies into the case and any other terrorist activities, also requesting that a deeper and more thorough investigation be conducted into the issue with the participation of the countries neighboring Turkey and some European states.

The government stressed, in its letter, the necessity that the Turkish authorities ask the Turkish companies that sold the toxic chemicals to the suspects about the names and locations of the persons or bodies that purchased or sought to purchase the chemical materials.

Reliable sources have indicated that the Turkish public prosecutor's indictment of the terrorist group was predicated on compelling evidence related to them having procured WMDs in Turkey ahead of transferring them into Syria.

The evidence is based on investigations and testimonies confirming that the suspects are responsible for the crimes attributed to them, not to mention the affiliation of some of them to al-Qaeda and establishing contacts with its leaders, with intent to procure and transfer chemicals into Syria for handing them to the terrorist groups there.

The letter held the countries backing the anti-Syria terrorist activity in the region and the world fully responsible for the past and possible terrorist attacks inspired by that support that violates the relevant counter-terrorism UNSC resolutions.

M. Ismael

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