Latest News Syria: 50 billion for reconstruction


Nov 3, 2013

Damascus, (SANA)- The government on Sunday briefed the People's Assembly on its statement on a draft law on the general state budget for the fiscal year 2014 estimated at SYP 1390 billion.

Appropriations for running operations were valued at SYP 1010 billion, while those for investment operations were set at SYP 380 billion, with an increase of SYP 105 billion compared to 2013 budget.

Subsidies appropriations were estimated at SYP 615 billion, recording a SYP 103 billion increase over budget of 2013.

The draft law also included SYP 50 billion for reconstruction and public property rehabilitation works and compensation for private property losses caused by the current events in the country.

Minister of Finance Ismael Ismael pointed out that the government has adopted a new approach when drafting the 2014 budget that is complementary to the measures taken in 2013 in terms of activating economic and social action and giving priority to the agricultural and industrial sector.

He added that the 2014 budget goes in line with the circumstances and developments facing the national economy in light of the current crisis with focusing on controlling public spending.

In terms of the investment appropriations, the Minister noted that priority was given to vital projects and projects with high implementation percentage.

The Assembly later referred a draft law on establishing a general commission named the Syrian Commission for Family and Population Affairs and another draft law ratifying an agreement to establish the Regional Centre for Space Science and Technology Education for Western Asia, affiliated to the United Nations.

H. Said

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