Palestinian cause will remain Syria's top national concern

Oct 26, 2013

Damascus, (SANA)- Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi stressed that the Palestinian cause will remain Syria's top national concern and the compass determining the track and goal despite the repercussions of the unfair global war waged against the people and state of Syria.

"Syria, in spite of its wounds, will always be the first defender of the issues, aspirations and interests of the entire Arab nation," said al-Halqi during his meeting with Secretary of the Central Committee of Fatah Movement Abo Hazem and the accompanying delegation.

He highlighted the importance of activating the role of the Arab liberation movements and parties and pan-Arab trends in alerting the Arab public opinion to the seriousness and scale of what Syria is being subjected to.

He underscored that what Syria is facing aims mainly at undermining the entire Arab nation through destabilizing it and taking over its capabilities and making the Zionist entity the dominant force in the region.

The Premier pointed out that the role of the Arab movements and trends in this regard lies basically in spreading the culture of resistance and confronting the takfiri intellectual invasion by promoting the secular thinking that boosts unity and tolerance.

A review of the latest developments in the Arab and international arena and the mechanisms of facing the dangers targeting the existence of the Arab people was presented during the meeting.

For his part, Secretary Abo Hazem highlighted that what is going on in Syria is a big international conspiracy targeting not only Syria by all of the Arabs and the Palestinian cause in particular.

"Those who are defending Syria now are defending the Palestinian cause and the Arab existence," he said.

Abo Hazem added that Syria has been over decades the main pillar of the axis of resistance and steadfastness, stressing that Syria will come out of its crisis stronger and more firm.

Speaking to the reporters following the meeting, Abo Hazem noted that what Fatah delegation listened to during the meeting assures that the situation is moving towards a solution soon.

H. Said

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