Belgium is responsible for terrorism in Syria



Reports said that Syrian 'rebels' have begun receiving weapons from France and Belgium, via Saudi Arabia


Reports on Monday said that Syrian rebels have already begun receiving weapons from various sources, as they attempted to wrest control of the country from the control of President Bashar al-Assad. While a debate is taking place in the U.S., Britain, and other countries about helping the rebels with arms, the reports said that rebels have already gotten advanced weapons with the assistance of Saudi Arabia, Belgium, and France.

According to a report by Reuters Monday, all three countries have been working together to supply the rebels with a variety of weapons for several months. Saudi Arabia delivered missiles to rebel groups, obtaining them from sources in Belgium and France. France, the report said, paid for the missiles.

Photos: Belgian moslim fundamentalist Jejoen Bontinck and a Belgian weapons specialist - Verhofstadt, leader of the European liberals, who pleaded for a military intervention in Libya and is actually pleading for a military intervention in Syria, talking with the so called Syrian opposition.

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