Belgium is responsible for terrorism in Syria


19 October, 2013

Belgian arrested on suspicion of terrorist acts in Syria

An 18-year-old Belgian man was arrested on Saturday on suspicion of carrying out terrorist acts, after spending eight months in Syria, according to state prosecutors cited by the Belga news agency.

The man, identified as Jejoen Bontinck, is suspected of having gone to Syria at the behest of Fouad Belkacem, the former spokesman of Sharia4Belgium, an internet group promoting the introduction of Islamic law to Belgium.

Bontinck has denied this, however, telling various media outlets that he went to Syria for humanitarian reasons and worked as a driver for medical workers.

Police arrested Bontinck at his mother's house in Antwerp, and questioned him for several hours.

He had left for Syria on February 22, according to Belga. He is suspected of having fought with Islamist rebels opposing the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

Bontinck's father reportedly travelled twice to Syria to bring his son home, to no avail.


Photo: The picture was placed yesterday on Islamic Site: 'Belgian New Weapens in hands of Americanized Mujaheeds from the Al nusra Brigade'

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