Child abuse: Stefaan De Clerck

Stefaan De Clerck wordt voorzitter bij Belgacom

The former Minister of Belgian Justice who was also covering up the Zandvoort childporn case, is the new President of Belgacom, the largest telecommunications company in Belgium, headquartered in Brussels...


Stefaan De Clerck, is the new President of Belgacom
September 1, 2013
Former CD & V (christian democrats) chairman Stefaan De Clerck, is the new President of Belgacom. That was at least informally told by the federal majority parties. "At a formal decision is still waiting, but I assume that it will follow," he told Belga.

De Clerck, in his own words, wants to be Belgacom President "with a lot of fun, even with much enthusiasm and ambition". He has no doubt that he has the necessary skills and experience. "Chairman of the Board of Directors is a policy feature that is not yet the same as an operational function. And if they find that Frank Van Massenhove is able to lead the SNCB, I am able to lead Belgacom," he jokes.


Belgacom - Board of directors

  • Didier Bellens (1) - President and CEO
  • Stefaan De Clerck (1)-  Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • Guido J.M. Demuynck (2) - Director
  • Jozef Cornu (2) - Director
  • Pierre-Alain De Smedt (2) - Director
  • Carine Doutrelepont (2) - Director
  • Martine Durez (1) - Director
  • Theo Dilissen(1) -Director
  • Pierre Demuelenaere (2) - Director
  • Laurent Levaux (1) -  Director
  • Isabelle Santens (1) - Director
  • Oren G. Shaffer (2) - Director
  • Lutgart Van den Berghe (2) - Director
  • Paul Van de Perre (1) - Director

(1) appointed by the Belgian State

(2) independent


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