Latest News Syria: 'Anti-war protester' John Kerry

Warmonger Kerry spoke against war with John Lennon.jpg

Blogger Think Locally Act Globally saw Kerry speak at the protest along with approximately 35,000 others who rallied in the chilly rain in NYC back in 1972: 

"The march turned east at 42nd Street and ended in Bryant Park, where a stage for speakers was set up near the southwest corner. Speakers included John Kerry, representing the Vietnam Veterans Against The War (VVAW). It was the day he and Lennon were photographed together. None of us were expecting John and Yoko – they were a surprise. I was a huge Beatles fan and was thrilled beyond words. They spoke briefly and led the crowd singing “Give Peace A Chance.”

What a difference a few decades can make.

Now Kerry appears to be pushing military intervention in Syria based on the premise that Syria bombed Syria so the U.S. must also bomb Syria. Evidence that Assad’s regime actually even carried out the chemical weapons attack has never really been provided by the U.S. government, although Kerry has called it “undeniable”. Putin has called America out for not having any evidence at all. Photos which surfaced showing Kerry and his wife casually dining with Assad in years past have clouded the issue. Over 90% of Americans are against intervention in Syria at this point. Even three-time presidential adviser Pat Buchanan is openly calling this a false flag.


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