Love's Cure-all


Moliere's "The Imaginary Invalid" (French: Le malade imaginaire) is a farcical play about a hypochondriac who is so obsessed with his health and money that he ends up neglecting his family.

It premiered on 10 February 1673 at the Théâtre du Palais-Royal in Paris and was originally choreographed by Pierre Beauchamp.



Photo: Konstantin Stanislavski as Argan in Molière's The Imaginary Invalid (Le Malade imaginaire) at the Moscow Art Theatre in 1913.

Note: There are diseases that give the impression of being imaginary while they are the result of constant stress.
Stress can be sometimes the result of living with people you have helped immensely who want you to drive out of the house.
Living several months without toilet, shower and entrance,
and constant harassment, are not good for one's health.

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