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Information Minister: Syria ready to resolve the crisis politically

Aug 14, 2013

Minister of Information Omran al-Zoubi said Tuesday that Syria is ready to resolve the crisis politically to preserve its sovereignty as an independent, free state, adding that Syria is also willing to go to Geneva conference as long as dialogue would be among the Syrians.

"The opposition has one aim represented by toppling the state without any political project, while the Syrian state works to defeat the armed opposition linked to the US and Israel, with commitment to find a national opposition which has productive presence as it is a mirror to the government," the Minister said at a meeting with a number of political and culture activities, youth and journalists in Tartous.

He underlined that the Syrians wouldn't accept any political solution if it was not approved by President Bashar al-Assad, considering that the political solution has to go in parallel with confronting terrorism.

The Minister called on all Syrians to confront the aggression to win the war against their enemies, clarifying that Syria encounters a global unprecedented war.

"The national media resembles to a great deal the Syrian Arab army who fights, with its utmost energies, in this war… our national media is a media of confrontation and struggle," Information Minister said. 

He added that three radio stations have been launched lately, while preparations are underway to launch two new TV channels in Lattakia and Aleppo.

In response to questions raised by a number of the participants, the Minister said that there will be fundamental changes in the work of the Syrian TV channels that would occur amid next month.



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