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Communist Party of India (Marxist) stresses support to Syrian people against imperialism

New Delhi - August 9, 2013

Secretary-General of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) Prakash Karat stressed the solidarity of the Indian people with the Syrian people against the Zionist and imperialist conspiracy.

Meeting the Syrian Ambassador in India, Riad Abbas, Karat expressed concerns over the practices of some neighboring and Arab states which are supporting terrorism and allowing the entry of terrorists into Syria, hoping the crisis in Syria will end and the Syrian government will succeed in expelling the terrorists.

He emphasized the necessity of peaceful solution to the crisis in Syria with no foreign interference, stressing the importance of Syria to remain a democratic and secular state.

Karat strongly denounced the terrorist acts perpetrated by the armed terrorist groups in Syria.

For his part, the Syrian Ambassador thanked the Indian people and the Communist Party of India for their honorable stance in support of the political solution in Syria and discarding terrorist attacks against the Syrian people.



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