The use of La Canne in Defense dans la Rue


For practising in the salle (training room), Andre recommends the right or strong side be placed forward with only three-quarters of the upper body presented toward the opponent. The legs are comfortably flexed and the feet spaced one and a half shoe lengths apart. Gripping the cane consists of positioning the hand two centimetres up from the butt or proximal end. The thumb rests along the length of the cane while the fingers are joined in order to hold and secure the weapon.  Generally held forward and slightly to the side of the body line, the forearm is perpendicular with the ground. The cane is positioned along an oblique line with the distal end sighted at the adversary’s face. During training the left hand is placed behind the back in order not to be struck by the movements of ones own cane. Andre tells us this guard is equivalent to tierce or the third position in Sabre. He adds however, in the real world of fighting, the leading hand may need to be placed closer to the body in order to protect it. An interesting characteristic of this holding position is its commonality to both the couteau(knife) and unarmed waist guard structures. This particular guard should be approached only as a platform in which to train both the coups (strikes) and assaut (sparring )in the salle ( training room) environment. For personal protection in the street, which is the primary focus of Defense dans la Rue, alternative guards will often be required.

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Als eeuwige fan van Sherlock Holmes heb ik de nodige info verzameld over het gebruik van de wandelstok als wapen. Er zijn daar de nodige interessante historische brochures over te krijgen alsook hedendaagse aanpassingen.
De gentleman had in die tijd meer opties. Ik verzamel al jaren diverse wandelstokken met het oog op zelfverdediging.
Leuk artikel.

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