Belgium's notoriously most corrupted party


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After the municipal and provincial elections 2 weeks ago, judges have started a witch-hunt on Belgium's notoriously most corrupted party ever, the Walloon socialist party.

The former socialist mayor of Namur (the Wallonian capital), Bernard Anselme, faced a triple charge of illegal support of private companies, the usage of falsified documents and illegal personal enrichment. Other Socialist politicians were also arrested last week. The Socialist Party was ousted from office by an unusual alliance between the 3 other main parties (Liberals, Greens and Christian-democrats), as none of them wanted to share power with them.

Last Friday, the former mayor of Charleroi (Wallonia's 2nd biggest city), Jacques van Gompel, admitted charges of fraudulent dealings estimated to 425.000 euro. Several other top socialist politicians were involved as well, so that Charleroi is still waiting for its new mayor, to be chosen among the Socialist majority once all the bad sheep have been evicted.

Other similar scandals of fraud, embezelment and illegal favours hit the region of Charleroi, as well as other Walloon municipalities, in the last few months.

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