Paris Peace Conference, Hall of Mirrors, Versailles 1919


A view of the interior of the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles, with the heads of state sitting and standing before a long table.

Front Row: Dr Johannes Bell (Germany) signing with Herr Hermann Müller leaning over him.

Middle row (seated, left to right): General Tasker H Bliss, Colonel E M House, Mr Henry White, Mr Robert Lansing, President Woodrow Wilson (United States); M Georges Clemenceau (France); Mr D Lloyd George, Mr A Bonar Law, Mr Arthur J Balfour, Viscount Milner, Mr G N Barnes (Great Britain); The Marquis Saionzi (Japan).

Back row (left to right): M Eleftherios Venizelos (Greece); Dr Affonso Costa (Portugal); Lord Riddell (British Press); Sir George E Foster (Canada); M Nikola Pachitch (Serbia); M Stephen Pichon (France); Colonel Sir Maurice Hankey, Mr Edwin S Montagu (Great Britain); the Maharajah of Bikaner (India); Signor Vittorio Emanuele Orlando (Italy); M Paul Hymans (Belgium); General Louis Botha (South Africa); Mr W M Hughes (Australia).

Paris Peace Conference, 1919:


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