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Al-Zoubi: National media is media of people

June 15, 2013

Information Minister, Omran al-Zoubi said that the national media is one of a state, not an authority, government or sect, but ''is the media of the Syrian people and state which has to be open to all viewpoints.''

Marking the 35th anniversary of launching Sawt al-Shaab (Sound of People) radio, al-Zoubi congratulated the radio which decided to extend its broadcast hours to be 24 hours a day, which, he said, would be an extra burden amid the current conditions in Syria.

Al-Zoubi indicated that big strides were achieved towards a responsible national media, pointing out that ''there is no private media in the narrow sense of the word, as even the parties' newspapers won't have readership unless they address all social components.''

''Our responsibility is no less than that of the army and the armed forces…We are standing behind them as they are a symbol of the country, its unity and sovereignty,'' al-Zoubi affirmed.

He added that the mission of media is to form public opinion that is based on the concepts of loyalty to the homeland.

''The homeland is invincible, thanks to the sacrifices of the armed forces and our martyrs…their blood will not go in vain,'' said al-Zoubi.

Moussa Abdulnour, Director-General of Sawt al-Shaab radio said that ''the radio's work is based on the relationship with citizens that we seek to keep strong.'' Abdulnour elaborated on the technical development in the work of Sawt al-Shaab work, in addition to enriching it with a trained and experienced cadre.

Abdulnour said ''We have expanded the space of dialogue between citizens and officials, and increased the live broadcast hours.'' ''Hopefully, the radio will assume its role in combating the global conspiracy against Syria and we aspire for a wider communication with all provinces,'' he added.

The radio cadre was honored during the ceremony. Sawt al-Shaab radio went on the air in 1979 as a response to public needs to keep the flag of the Syrian national media flying.

M. Ismael


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