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Shaam on Facebook: Architecture of World's Oldest Inhabited City

Jun 11, 2013

Shaam page on Facebook is specialized in documenting the agricultural heritage of Damascus, the oldest inhabited city in the world.

Engineer Maher Shaker, head of the page, told SANA that the primary reason behind creating the page is to highlight the archeological treasure of Damascus and enhance the architecture culture.

He said that Damascus, as the world's oldest inhabited city, deserves to have its own unique architecture character as its originality combines heritage and modernity.

The page includes various photos of archeological landmarks of Damascus, with a caption saying "Our Sham: Heritage and Modernity is Our Way to Originality."

The page also include articles all written by experts in architectural heritage, the reports posted on the page document the historic and architectural character of each site.

Shaker highlights the great interaction with the page from university students and other interested people, adding that the page addresses all persons who are concerned in this field, amateurs and experts alike.

M. Nassr/ H. Said


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