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Army Units Restore Security and Stability to Villages in al-Qseir Countryside

Jun 7, 2013

Army units on Friday restored security and stability to al-Mas'udieh and al-Salhieh villages in al-Qseir countryside.

An official source told SANA reporter that units of our armed forces are continuing their missions in pursuing the terrorists' remnants and inspecting operations.

The units dismantled a number of improvised explosive devices were planted by terrorists in the two villages.

A military source said that the army is searching the farms of al-Husseinyeh and al-Dumaineh al-Sharqyeh as to clean them of terrorists.

The source said that the army destroyed weapons and ammunition while they were transported to al-Houla and Hur Binafsouh areas.

An army unit targeted terrorists' gatherings in al-Husn and Housh Hajjo in Talbeseh and Palmyra and eliminated and injured scores of terrorists.


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