The Military and Political Aspects of Euro-Atlantic Security

Russian Military Intelligence.Gen. Igor Sergun.jpgRussian Military Intelligence Chief Warns of Increased Numbers of Terrorists from Europe Fighting in Syria  



May 23, 2013

Director of Russian Military Intelligence, Gen. Igor Sergun, warned against the dangers of the increasing number of terrorists who are fighting within the ranks of the armed opposition in Syria coming from Europe.

Sergun's warning came in his speech addressed to an international conference held Thursday in Moscow on "the Military and Political Aspects of Euro-Atlantic Security".

He cautioned that those terrorists "would come back to their countries having acquired a combat experience and would be able to use their experience in the European continent."

He pointed out that "The extremist groups in Syria risk the collapse of the state by continuing to impose their conditions in the issue of creating the state's regime."

He considered that those acts by the extremist groups indicate more chaos and risk the collapse of the state and increasing the number of the displaced in the neighboring countries.

H. Said


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